The Equality Promise

As an avid social media user, I can confidently say that Twitter offers the best opportunities for connection. Through my four years of tweeting, one can only imagine the variety of people (and accounts) that I have interacted. One of my favorite pastimes has been looking out for irrational 140-character soundbytes related to feminism and women rights and seeking to dismantle these. And yeah, I’ve had my share of tweefs and blocks.

So when someone familiar with my Twitter timeline will watch a video of myself and a dozen colleagues taking the promise for gender equality, it will be understandable if they take it with a dose of skepticism. But no, this post is no sarcasm.

Earlier last month, I attended my first training in gender issues as they  relate with development (during which the video above was shot). At the start of the training, a careful discussion of the differences in the roles of men and women in four sectors of the economy revealed that inequalities still exist in many areas despite gains made. Following the course, I can confidently say I have a clearer understanding of the gender issues and can contribute in an informed manner to gender debates and advancing equality of access to opportunities for both men and women.

At the end of the training, I committed to the cause of gender equality through spreading awareness, writing on the status of CEDAW implementation in Uganda and being gender sensitive in all aspects of my work. Obviously there’ll be people with a flawed understanding of gender equality and feminism and obviously I will not tolerate this on my timeline, so I’ll debate these but with empathy and from an informed standpoint.


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